queens making history 04/19/2014 


Name: allison
Age: 16
Gender: female
Sexuality: strawberries


Food: spaghetti 
Drink: apple juice
Book: brave new world 
Favorite Author: i rarely read more than one book from one author does that make sense so idk
Song: puzzle pieces by saint motel
Movie: 21 jumpstreet, blue is the warmest colour, shit load of rom-coms
Band/group: 5h 1d tw lawson
Solo Artist: cher lloyd 
Place:  nyc 
School Subject: anthro/psych/sociology 
Sport: field hockey i think idk 
Male Actor: benedict cucumber matt smith miles teller u m mm a lot more?!?!?!??!
Female Actor: lea michele billie piper basically every actress on bbc uk


Best Friends: 4 kinda idk hopefully , ., 
Siblings: 2 brothers

Dream Job: camila cabello 
: only ear piercings
Languages:  english korean kinda


Reason Behind URL: idk it’s just some girl from a group called fifth direction? 
Reason Behind Icon: IVE HAD THIS ICON SINCE 2012 
# of Posts: like 5
Why You Joined: glee
First URL:  loveforleam
# of Blogs: 5 i think??


Lauren and Zara Larsson